Digital accessibility

The website and all electronic materials are prepared in accordance with WCAG requirements and are adapted to the requirements of people with special needs. Users using only the keyboard can navigate the site freely using the Tab key. Navigation is also friendly to the visually impaired thanks to model sub-page titles, an ordering header function and other conveniences introduced for screen readers.

Architectural accessibility

ICE Kraków Congress Center is located: Marii Konopnickeij street 17
Access: possibility of using paid underground parking (entrance from Barska street),
Access by public transport - stops: "Grunwaldzkie Roundabout", "Osiedle Podwawelskie (pętla/loop)".
During each available event taking place in the Center, there is a staff at the disposal of guests, provided by the organizer of the event. They will be happy to provide any information, help you find and get to a specific place in the auditorium or foyer.
Parking / Elevators
We have properly marked parking spaces in the underground parking lot. From the parking lot, you can get directly to the foyer by means of elevators. Other elevators are already located inside the building - some of them in the outline of the Theater Hall. They allow you to move between the 4 levels of the foyer. Another line of transport is located at the side entrance from the Park Inn Hotel - there you can use elevators leading directly to the rooms on the third floor of ICE Krakow.
Toilets / Locker rooms
Toilets are located on each level of the building. The checkroom is located in the foyer, on level 0, to the left of the main entrance.
Medical room
The entrance to the medical room is located in the Foyer on Level 0, by the passenger elevators. The room is equipped with a recliner, wheelchair, stretcher, IV stand, first aid kit and basic medical supplies (bandages, dressings, etc.). The desire to use the medical room should be reported to ICE Krakow staff or a representative of the event organizer.

Accessibility for people with visual disabilities

The building is architecturally accessible to people with visual disabilities. Access is reasonably convenient, the nearby intersection has a traffic light. On-site staff provide needed information, and assistant services are provided at selected events. According to the Law on Social and Vocational Rehabilitation, a person with a disability has the right to be on the premises with an assistance dog.
Together with the Well Association, we have prepared audiodescription of the access paths from public transport stops and selected facilities and rooms, which will allow you to reach and move around the venue of the ICE Krakow Congress Center. Descriptions can be found on the website under the tab

Accessibility for people with mobility disabilities

Parking - The venue has properly marked parking spaces (so-called "blue envelopes") in the underground parking lot.
Entrance to the building  - Threshold-free doors have been installed at the Center to facilitate entry into the building. The main entrance to the building from Barska Street is served by two revolving doors, but just to the right of them, an additional door operating on a photocell can be found. In addition, there is a wheelchair ramp next to the Center.
Toilets / Locker rooms - At ICE Krakow we have toilets adapted to the needs of the disabled - such toilets are much larger than standard cubicles, have lower mounted and larger sinks, toilet bowls designed for the disabled, and handrails to make lifting out of wheelchairs easier. Toilets of this type are located on each level. The checkroom is located in the foyer, on level 0, to the left of the main entrance.
View - Places for wheelchair users are located at dedicated seats:
First floor row 1 at seats 1, 16
Row 22, at seats 1 and 15
The building's facilities include wheelchair platforms for people with mobility disabilities, which increases the accessibility of the auditorium by providing the above-mentioned people with seats dedicated only to them.

Accessibility for people with hearing disabilities

There is no induction loop in the building. Automatic audio-to-text transcription will be provided if hearing-impaired persons apply for participation.


Diversity is a fundamental value of modern society. Equal treatment policies and diversity management bring tangible benefits and influence the development and innovation of organizations.
With a view to respecting a diverse, multicultural society and placing special emphasis on the policy of equal treatment on the basis of gender, age, disability, health status, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, creed, irreligion, political belief, union affiliation, psychosexual orientation, gender identity, family status, lifestyle, form, scope and basis of employment, other type of cooperation, and other grounds exposed to discriminatory behavior, our organization is committed to implementing diversity management and equal treatment policies and promoting and disseminating them to all stakeholders in the organization.
We have implemented a code of conduct for the events we organize, each participant registering his participation in the congress will be obliged to comply with this code.

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